October 6, 2022

Ship-Port Interface measures portal released by Low Carbon GIA

An online version of the Ship-Port Interface Guide has been released this week, which focuses on eight practical measures which can support GHG emission reduction at the ship-port interface.

The Guide, originally published earlier this year, includes further testimonials from several ports which have implemented or are in the process of implementing measures outlined in the publication.

The eight practical measures presented in the Guide are:

  1. Facilitate immobilization in ports
  2. Facilitate hull and propeller cleaning in ports
  3. Facilitate simultaneous operations (simops) in ports
  4. Optimize port stay by pre-clearance
  5. Improve planning of ships calling at multiple berths in one port
  6. Improve ship/berth compatibility through improved Port Master Data
  7. Enable ship deadweight optimization through improved Port Master Data
  8. Optimize speed between ports

Ports which are currently implementing the above-mentioned measures, and wish to be included in the Portal, are encouraged to share their experience by contacting the Low Carbon GIA Secretariat at greenvoyage2050@imo.org.