November 25, 2022

Malaysia Hosts Second National Stakeholders Roundtable

Proposals for potential low/zero carbon pilot projects were presented at the 2nd National Stakeholders Roundtable, held on 23 November 2022, in Penang, Malaysia as part of IMO’s GreenVoyage2050 Accelerator.

Thirty five representatives from national maritime groups, including ship owners/operators, port authorities, academia and technology providers, attended the event which was jointly organized by IMO-Norway GreenVoyage2050, Ministry of Transport Malaysia and the Marine Department Malaysia.

Harnessing renewable energy for ports, electrification of port equipment, greening of harbour craft, and advanced fuel monitoring systems were among the range of projects pitched by participants.

In collaboration with the IMO-PEMSEA Project ‘Blue Solutions’, the shortlisting of several projects to take forward to the next step will now take place.