March 5, 2024

Just in Time Arrival Guide published in Chinese and Spanish

The IMO ‘Just in Time Arrival Guide’, published in 2020 by the Global Industry Alliance to Support Low Carbon Shipping (Low Carbon GIA) is now available in Chinese and Spanish languages.  

Just In Time (JIT) arrivals allow ships to optimise speed during their voyage to arrive in port when the berth, fairway and nautical services are available.  

The aim of the Guide is to provide both port and shipping sectors with practical guidance on how to facilitate JIT ship operations. The Guide provides a holistic approach to implementation of JIT arrivals, considering various trade types, as well as operational and contractual aspects.  

The content of the Guide was compiled based on research and discussion amongst Low Carbon GIA members and documents the findings of a series of industry roundtables which brought together almost fifty companies and organizations representing the key stakeholders involved in the port call process.  

The JIT Arrival publication is one of a number of  free resources available on the GreenVoyage2050 website that aim to provide a structured framework and decision support tools for addressing emissions from ships and in port. For more information on JIT arrivals, visit the dedicated JIT portal on the GreenVoyage2050 website.