March 13, 2023

GreenVoyage2050 explores low and zero carbon potential pilot projects in Georgia


The IMO-Norway GreenVoyage2050 project with the support of the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia  undertook a national stakeholders roundtable to identify practical opportunities to reduce emissions from shipping through the establishment of pilot projects in Georgia.

More than 20 stakeholders from public and private sectors including cargo owners, ferry operators, shipping lines, ports, terminals, representatives from the government and finance sectors joined the kick off meeting in Batumi on March 2.

During the roundtable participants explored a wide range of potential pilot demonstration project ideas including the establishment of domestic passenger ferry transportation to support modal shift from road to sea, the use of onshore power supply in Georgian ports, renewable fuel production and the greening of Georgia’s harbour craft sectors, with a particular focus on tug vessels.

The next step will be for the GreenVoyage2050 project team and representatives from the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia to shortlist potential pilot projects with a view to making them a reality through support from the GreenVoyage2050 Accelerator in undertaking feasibility studies, developing bankable project proposals and connecting partners with financial institutions.

Prior to the national stakeholders roundtable, the GreenVoyage2050 project held a meeting with the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia on March 1 to discuss how the project can further support Georgia’s National Action Plan (NAP) development, building on what they already have done to-date.

For further information on National Action Plan (NAP) development, click here.