Energy efficiency technologies (EETs)

    Under this workstream, the Low Carbon GIA is undertaking activities to encourage and support uptake of energy efficiency technologies and operational best practices.


    • E-learning course on Energy efficient ship operation, aimed at seafarers and onshore personnel
    • White paper on “validation of the performance of EETs for ships”
    • Reporting protocol of performance of EETs for ships and associated confidence grading scheme (Recognizing the general lack of transparency of fuel performance data and validation of potential energy savings claims of technology providers as a barrier to the uptake of EETs)

    Alternative low- and zero-carbon fuels


    • Roundtable on incentives for uptake of alternative fuels
    • Sustainability aspects and life-cycle emissions of alternative low- and zero-carbon fuels – identifying relevant sustainability criteria and assessment of life-cycle emissions methodologies

    Addressing emissions at the ship-port interface


    • Hosting of introductory roundtable exploring barriers and solutions to Just-In-Time (JIT) Arrival
    • JIT Roundtable – Operational
    • JIT Roundtable – Contractual
    • JIT desktop trial exercise
    • Animation on JIT
    • Publication of JIT Guide – Barriers and Potential Solutions
    • JIT desktop trial exercise 2.0

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