June 20, 2023

Low Carbon GIA explores book-and-claim concept

On 20th June, members of the Global Industry Alliance to Support Low Carbon Shipping (Low Carbon GIA) hosted a Roundtable to explore the concept of a book-and-claim system for fuel certification.

As new alternative fuels are introduced in shipping, it is highly likely that production sites of these fuels will not be geographically located where there is the demand, and overall, the global availability of such fuels will be limited in the early stages.

A book-and-claim chain of custody model aims to address this issue by disconnecting the low emission or “green” claim from the physical fuel itself and is considered a potential enabler to accelerate the scale up of production as well as uptake of alternative fuels in the maritime sector.

As part of the meeting, other chain of custody models were also discussed, namely segregation and mass balancing.

The Roundtable provided a platform for an initial exchange of views on the book-and-claim concept, and how it could be applied to the maritime sector. The next step is for the Low Carbon GIA to facilitate future roundtable discussions with external participants on this subject.